Sustainable Solutions for Smart Cities

At Ayvo we connect Australian cities and businesses to the world’s best smart city solutions. With an international network of suppliers, Ayvo can connect you with the leading smart city providers of street lighting, parking, charging, water and all other key smart city elements.

Smart city. Sustainable city. Ayvo city.


The Innovative cities of today are not looking to just be smart but to also be sustainable. Filtered water refill stations play a huge role in eliminating a city’s plastic waste and also help to provide an essential resource to the population. From portable event hire stations to digitised drinking fountains, Ayvo can connect you with all the information you require.


Smart Street lighting gives today’s cities not just the opportunity to dramatically reduce their energy consumption but also to create traffic solutions, wifi connections points and data collection. Ayvo connects you to the world’s leading suppliers of smart street lighting systems.


Today parking is just not parking. Smart city parking enables real-time data exchange between wirelessly-enabled paid parking equipment, digital signage, enforcement software and camera and sensor vehicle monitoring. Ayvo connects you to the world’s leading suppliers of smart parking elements.


The corner stone of future electric mobility is each city’s charging network. With a multitude of EVSE’s available in the market, let Ayvo direct you to the world’s most trusted charging station suppliers.


The hallmark of all great innovative cities is their ability to engage with their residents and visitors alike. Through utilisation of digital kiosks, cities and businesses stand to connect their commerce, transport, tourism and essential services into a centralised piece of digital streetscape.


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